January 2, 2013


Girl Talk on "Harder Hitting" New Album, Meeting Kanye West

Gabriel Olsen
Gabriel Olsen

Aboard Coachella's cruise ship festival in December, Gregg Gillis, AKA Girl Talk, spoke at length about his follow up 2010's All Day, and it seems fans can expect an even more explosive, in-your-face sound.

"It’s harder hitting than my previous stuff," Gillis told MTV Hive. "Working on it gets me so fired up. I’ve been obsessed with it." He added, "A lot of these ideas have been piling up for years," and he reiterated something he told Fuse in August, which is that this record will be his first written without the live performance in mind.

The effort, expected sometime in 2013, also might land the project a more mainstream audience. "The new thing I’m working on sounds more inspired by traditional production," Gillis said. "I’m not intending for it to be on the radio, but I think it could stand side by side the stuff on the radio better than the previous stuff."

Gillis isn't so audience-crazed that he'll be producing for anyone anytime soon, though. "I never thought of this as a stepping stone. I think of this as the project," he said. "If it makes sense I would be open to it, but it’s definitely not a goal of mine to produce for the radio."

Gillis also told a story about meeting Kanye West backstage after a festival in Australia. "Kanye was just chilling there eating his fruit plate... We started talking about his show, because I had seen the Watch the Throne tour and I had seen him a few times, so I have opinions on the shows and I threw them out there. I thought his shows went to a place where I had never seen rap shows go." 

Gillis said 'Ye seemed engaged, even when they moved into less lovey territory. "He would hang onto my criticism for a second and was open to discussing things about the show."

Watch Gillis tell Fuse about his vision for the next record below:

And if you need a Girl Talk refresher/general day-brightener, here you go: