January 3, 2013


GQ Dubs Ed Sheeran the Worst Dressed Man of 2012

Tim Mosenfelder
Tim Mosenfelder

GQ Magazine recently descended from its throne of style and taste to name the least fairest-dressed men in the land. And sadly for sweatshirt and hoodie enthusiast Ed Sheeran, GQ decided the British singer-songwriter is the worst-dressed dude of 2012.

While you're more likely to see Linus bereft of his blanket than Sheeran out of his beloved hoodie, he can occasionally be spotted rocking skater tees fitted over long-sleeved shirts. Hey, Taylor Swift still hangs with him.

Sheeran is taking this diss in stride, though. He tweeted, "Glad they noticed" and defended his garment choices by pointing out, "I did wear a Burberry suit once." So at least that's a +.

Now I'm not saying GQ got it wrong, but I personally enjoy Eddie's casual approach to dressing himself. While many decried Sheeran's choice to wear jeans and a hoodie to the Olympics closing ceremony, his frat-tacular outfit matched the occasion perfectly. The dude was singing a Pink Floyd song! When was the last time you saw a guy with a guitar singing "Wish You Were Here" who wasn't wearing a hoodie? That's what I thought.