January 31, 2013


It's Frank Ocean vs. Chris Brown in Fuse's Grammy Poll

Getty Images, 2
Getty Images, 2

Frank Ocean and Chris Brown have a couple things in common. They're both young R&B singers. They both maintain close connections to rappers. They both have motivated fans who think the world of them, and they're both competing for this year's Best Urban Contemporary Album Grammy. Another thing they have in common: They don't like each other very much. And they're both neck and neck in Fuse's 2013 Grammy poll.

Earlier this week, Ocean and Brown faced-off outside of an L.A. recording studio, allegedly fighting over a parking spot. Ocean tweeted he was "jumped by Chris and a couple guys." Police are investigating the incident, and although they say Ocean is "desirous of prosecution," no charges have been filed yet. This alleged brawl preceded Rihanna's official confirmation that she and Breezy are back together after four years apart, although she did specify that he "doesn't have the luxury of f-cking up again."

But all that drama aside, who has the better album? Right now, Brown's Fortune is just barely edging out Ocean's Channel Orange in Fuse's 2013 Grammy poll for Best Urban Contemporary Album. But Brown's only leading by 3%, which could easily swap if Ocean's fans start making waves.

As for the other nominee, Miguel is holding steady at a verrry distant third. But that's cool. We totally love Kaleidoscope Dream.