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Who Hardcore Football Fans Really Want to See Perform at the Super Bowl

Forget Beyonce: Jersey-sporting pigskin fanatics just wanna rock

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Who's Your Dream Super Bowl Performer?

From Prince to Tom Petty, Shania Twain to Beyonce, a plethora of pop, rock, country and other stars have performed on the makeshift stage that rolls onto the field at halftime on Super Bowl Sunday. Execs broker and book the artists, but who do hardcore football fans--those in the rafters and the millions at home glued to their TVs--really want to see onstage? Who is their dream halftime performer, dead or alive?

To find out, Fuse hit New York City's notorious football bars, asked jersey-sporting friends and even posted polls on social media. The answer? Hardcore fans wanna rock. 

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Neil Diamond

Diamond sang the "National Anthem" to open the Super Bowl in 2008. But why not bring "Sweet Caroline" to centerfield? 

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Pearl Jam

The Seattle alt-rock vets are no stranger to filling massive venues, and just imagine the mosh pit in a 100,000-capacity football stadium!

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Guns 'N Roses, Reunited With Original Lineup

The chances of getting the original GNR lineup back together are worse than raising Elvis from the bed. But, hey, is there a more appropriate pump-up song than "Welcome to the Jungle"? It'd certainly crank the on-field action up to 11.

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Neil Young & Crazy Horse

There's nothing advertisers and producers love more than rambling, 12-minute songs, sung by a staunchly anti-commerical rock juggernaut. But, hey, weirder things have happened.

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Awesomely-named football fan Brent Marino suggests Weezer, performing in their all-gold jumpsuits, and that's a good call: What's better than the bespectacled Rivers Cuomo singing to a stadium full of the football jocks that probably gave him swirlies in high school? The nerds always get the last word. 

Weezer could handout snuggles to cold fans and that big "W" onstage could light up when the band drop into the hooky chorus of "(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To." And as he's wont to do, Rivers could even dribble the soccer ball a bit onstage, just to rub it in.

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Foo Fighters

Dave Grohl wrote the Foos' classic "My Hero" about Kurt Cobain, but it'd certainly take on an appropriate new meaning to fans and players at the Super Bowl.

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If it's sheer spectacle officials seek, then the Icelandic songstress would be an ideal pick. She wears wild, feathery costumes, including huge orange wigs, and sings with a massive all-female choir. It could be a learning experience, too. Bjork's latest album, Biophilia, deals in topics of nature and science--imagine the giant volcano diorama erupting at the 50-yard line, while a DNA strand made of thread descends from the rafters and a flash of lightning from a Tesla coil zaps the stage. Awesome! 

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Public Enemy

What's more aggressive than Public Enemy's "Fight the Power"? And, as football fan Nate Fish points out, this song is fitting because Public Enemy "are black militants like most of the men on the field."

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David Bowie

As Madonna proved in 2012, the Super Bowl is an ideal platform to promote new material, and Mr. Bowie has a new album and single to promote. But new material aside, how invigorating would a stellar performance of "Heroes" be? "We can be heroes everyday!!!" Imagine 100,000 singing that in unison.

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The Beatles

Since we're getting all heady-wishful here, why not John, Paul, George and Ringo? "Twist and Shout" would surely rock the house, and maybe Matthew Broderick would appear singing-along, on a parade float, in those sexy shades of his. Or! A later version of the Fab Four could sing "Black Bird," because clearly they're Ravens fans.

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T. Rex

T. Rextasy lives! Before Marc Bolan died in a car crash, the singer (who never had a driver's license himself) sang about cars, women, revolutionary children, wizards and banging gongs, all of which had fans going absolutely bats hit bonkers (see the crowd above). His classic "Bang a Gong (Get It On)" would slay, and his dalliances backstage with the cheerleaders would be more newsworthy than the game itself.

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Jimi Hendrix

Is there a more appropriate halftime spectacle for America's pastime? Imagine it: A 69-year-old Hendrix walks onstage, six hits of LSD placed under his bandana, then rips into the most searing, warped, rockin' version of the "Star Spangled Banner" ever. Then he lights his guitar on fire, looks around the stadium and grabs his mic and chuckles, "Can ya dig it? Yeaahhhhhhh."

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Bob Marley

The rivalry between football fans is fierce. But can't we all put down the beer bong and all get along? Bob Marley would certainly help spread the peace and love, while delivering a message to the players: Lively Up Yourself, Man. 

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Van Halen With David Lee Roth

The bright keytar riff of "Jump" echoes through the stadium. The crowd jumps in time with the straight drums beats. Highlights of football stars jumping and diving for the ball is played on the overhead screens. David Lee Roth, in bright red spandex, does a signature high-kick onstage, then falls into the crowd. He's caught by a bombshell blonde, who carries him away as DLR winks and lip-licks to the camera. The band cancel the rest of their promotional tour. It's meant to be!

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