January 29, 2013


How Big Daddy Kane Influenced Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z & More

Big Daddy Kane isn’t ruling the radio airwaves at the moment, but his influence is undeniable. Need proof? The rapper told Fuse that some of the hottest rappers out there—from Kendrick LamarWiz Khalifa and Eminem—cite him as an influence.

“I truly feel blessed these cats, the younger generation, take time to pay attention to my legacy or even take time to mention me,” he said. “I think it’s a beautiful thing and I feel blessed that this new generation still pays homage in that way.”

Kane also revealed that one of the hottest rappers on the planet didn’t initially impress music execs. Maybe you've heard of him? Jay-Z?

Kane shopped his music to labels and they told Jay “could never make records” and “people are not going to want to see him on the regular.” Since the tables have clearly turned, Kane noted, “I saw so many people who didn’t believe and closed doors. Now all of those got to kiss his behind. So I think that’s beautiful.”

The rapper, with over two decades in the game, will return in 2013 with a new super group, called Las Supper, which also features singer Showtime and soul band the Lifted Crew. 

He says the project will appeal to “the same people that like the type of music that I’m known for doing, but they also like vintage soul. We can combine the two and make it work as one project.”

Las Supper will make “vintage hip-hop, doing it over nothing but live instruments.” They're now recording their debut album, Back to the Future.