January 25, 2013


Howard Stern Rips Beyonce a New One Over Lip-Sync

Of all people, we knew Howard Stern would have an opinion or two on Beyonce's recent lip-sync scandal. In fact, he devoted 17 minutes of his to give all of them.

You could take a listen above or check out the 15 most notable quotes on Beyonce (or as he pronounces it, BAY-on-say) from the segment below.

  • This is unbelievable what’s happening here. At Inauguration when you’re singing "The Star Spangled Banner," to come out and lip-sync? Don’t show up then! Say, “Listen, I’m not capable of doing it."
  • I’m upset about this. I really f-cking am. The reason any of those people are invited to The Inauguration is to sing.
  • Can she really sing? And if so, why is she not doing it?
  • It was a scam. You fooled all of us!
  • What a phony, motherf-cking bullsh-t performance!
  • It’s insulting to the audience.
  • I understand a perfectionist. She wants to sound her best; she doesn't want to be forgetting the words to "The Star Spangled Banner." Then don’t go do it! You can’t have everything in life…if you can’t cut it, don’t show up! You’re invited to sing and you didn't sing!
  • I could have lip-synced her song! Why is she there if she can’t sing live? Why would she even go? Say, “Listen, I can’t sing live.” It’s bullsh-t!
  • Beyonce stood there and "sang." It was all make believe! It’s not fair to the other performers who actually belted out a tune.
  • I happen to have fallen for it because this lip-syncing was done so well—better than Milli Vanilli!
  • This Beyonce gets up there looking perfect and she’s singing and I’m saying, “Wow, what a terrific performance, she even blew away Kelly Clarkson.” She didn't!
  • This isn't any different from Milli Vanilli and everyone drummed them out of the business.
  • When did it become acceptable to sit there and lip-sync at a live event? This is what’s going on at concerts too. People are paying a lot of money to see a live performance and somehow it’s become acceptable.
  • This is no different than Lance Armstrong! If you’re a bicycle fan…you want to see a guy push human endurance and be able to bicycle for a long time. If he’s doping, everyone gets upset because they say it’s not what it’s supposed to be. It’s a misrepresentation.