January 15, 2013


Jessica Simpson Sitcom To Make Life Less Bearable

Kevin Mazur
Kevin Mazur

For those of you who just can't get enough Jessica Simpson in your life, 2013 is your lucky year: The pop singer/actress/feminist icon is getting her own TV show.

No, it's not another reality show, and no, it's not just another Weight Watchers commercial. NBC gave the go-ahead to a scripted comedy starring Simpson, which will loosely be based on her life. So those of you mourning the end of 30 Rock can stop freaking out—NBC has found its new Tina Fey!

But wait, there's more! The man who composed the script for Paul Blart: Mall Cop will be writing the pilot for this NBC sitcom. So what happens when you combine Jessica Simpson's comedic timing with Paul Blart's witty repartee? Well, if you're a TV big wig, the answer is apparently an instant comedy classic. Ben Silverman—head of the production company making this can't-miss pilot—described Simpson in this project as "truly a modern-day Lucy." Given that statement, expect this show to be tentatively-titled, I Spit On Lucille Ball's Grave.