January 11, 2013


Justin Timberlake: 25 Songs You May Not Know He's Recorded Since 2006


The "SexyBack" is back! After a seven-year-long adventure in acting, resulting in movies like Alpha Dog and The Social NetworkJustin Timberlake announced his return to music on January 10, sending a bolt of excitement throughout the industry. But here's a question: Was JT ever really gone? 

Take a closer look at the past seven years and you'll find that JT has actually stayed quite busy in the studio and onstage. So we've compiled 25 post-"SexyBack" collaborations, some memorable hits like "4 Minutes" with Madonna and "Dead & Gone" with T.I., and others a little less memorable (um, who's FreeSol?).

Take a listen and then realize that the pop heartthrob never really left you (unless your name is Britney Spears).

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