January 15, 2013


Kid Cudi Joining 'Breaking Bad' Star Aaron Paul in 'Need for Speed' Film

Jason LaVeris
Jason LaVeris

Kid Cudi is making the move to the big screen. DreamWorks announced that the rapper/singer was cast opposite Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul in an upcoming movie adaptation of Need for Speed. For those of you who don't get behind the virtual wheel very often, Need for Speed is the world's best-selling racing video game series.

The movie, which is "aiming for the tone of the car culture films of the 1970s," will find Cudi and Paul competing in a New York-to-Los Angeles car race to get revenge. I'm guessing the initial pitch for this movie went something like this: "It's The Fast and the Furious meets Death Race 2000 meets Cannonball Run. Times ten. Only this time, it's personal!"

But before you sniff your nose and think Cudi is pulling a Rihanna (stepping into a game-turned-movie without a minute of experience), keep in mind this is hardly his acting debut. He starred in HBO's little-watched (but not bad) series How to Make It in America and played lead in Kanye West's short art film Cruel Summer. And hey, coincidence alert: Cudi played a car thief/racer in Kanye's movie, too! Apparently Cudi + hot wheels = cinemagic.