January 20, 2013


Cold War Kids Drop Soulful & Anthemic New Single, "Miracle Mile"

Matthew Eisman
Matthew Eisman

Oh, Cold War Kids—how we've missed you! 

The Long Beach, CA, quartet that have been pumping our hearts with soul-flecked indie rock euphoria for nearly a decade, are preparing to return with a new album: Dear Miss Lonely Hearts, their upcoming fourth studio release, will drop April 2 via Downtown. But until then listen to the just-released first single, "Miracle Mile," which may make Cold War Kids a popular name in 2013. 

It's catchy! It's slick! It... sort of sounds like the Killers! The track is all revved-up saloon piano, jangling guitar riffs and frontman Nathan Willett's soulful howls—all part of their signature sound. Then the chorus drops and the song blasts off into slick-anthem territory, a la Las Vegas' the Killers, and that's a very, very good thing. Thanks, at least partially, can go to new guitar player Dann Gallucci (Murder City Devils, Modest Mouse) and producer Lars Stalfors (Mars Volta, Matt & Kim). 

Willett commented on the new musical direction in a statement: "We were shaken up, ready to let certain songs go further than before by trying new styles and arrangements, while keeping others sparse and caring more about the finished product and less about how we got there."

So, guys, "Miracle Mile": Like it? Love it? Think it'll reach the Top 10 on Billboard's Rock Charts? Tell us what you think...