January 10, 2013


Gibson Replaces $10,000 Guitar Destroyed by Delta Airlines

We've all been there. The horror from the mishandling at baggage claim: your smashed fedora, an exploded hairspray can, broken snow globe you bought Grandma as a late birthday present. But imagine musician’s Dave Schneider’s horror when his $10,000 (yes, $10,000) 1965 Gibson ES-335 came back sustaining thousands in damages following a Delta flight.

Schneider took extra precautions to make sure his vintage guitar was treated properly; trying to check it on the plane (which he was denied) as well as requesting a flight attendant to ask baggage handlers for an additional safety request (which they complied with, seen on a CNN report below). But when the guitar was returned, its case was shredded with the guitar sustaining over $2,000 in damages. CNN says, the guitar will never be the same.

Cue the media (both traditional and social) to the rescue! Following an interview on Yahoo! News and a Facebook video post, the injustice could not be ignored by Delta, who compensated Schneider for the mishap, plus gave him two free flight vouchers.

But it gets better! Word ALSO got round to Gibson too! The iconic instrument company gifted him the 50th anniversary reissue of the 1963 Gibson ES-335 guitar, plus free repair his ES-335.

"We all know Gibson guitars rock," he wrote in a follow-up e-mail to Yahoo!. "But at this moment, the Gibson company is rocking even harder than Pete Townshend's Les Paul."

Undoubtedly, Schneider will keep on rocking too.