January 29, 2013


New MGMT Album Inspired by Aphex Twin, House Music

Mark Von Holden
Mark Von Holden

Expect an MGMT track to vie for 2013's Song of the Summer: The Brooklyn band's follow-up to 2010's Congratulations is set to arrive in June, reports Rolling Stone. Even better: It's a weird, synth-heavy LP inspired by Aphex Twin and house music.

After Congratulations, which was recorded with a full band, Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden opted to record as a duo, returning to the songwriting style behind their breakout debut Oracular Spectacular and hits like "Kids." 

Goldwasser and VanWyngarden spent the past year working on the LP (with many, many synths and keyboards) at producer Dave Fridmann's Tarbox Road Studios in upstate New York. Song titles include "Mystery Disease" and "Alien Days," which VanWyngarden explains is "about that feeling when a parasitic alien is in your head, controlling things." (MGMT recently played "Alien Days" live--watch footage below). There's also a cover of "Introspection" by the 1960s garage rockers Faine Jade

And it sounds like the new album is super-psychedelic: "The recording process was really strange," Fridmann said. "So we did a cover just to say, 'Let's get back to planet Earth for a second.'" Goldwasser added that MGMT are "not trying to make music that everyone understands the first time they hear it... There's no illusion on [Columbia Records'] part that that we're going to turn into a Top 40 band." 

Sounds promising! Listen a live rendition of "Alien Days," performed in Bogota, Columbia. Then revisit "Electric Feel" to remember what MGMT are capable of as a duo, and then check out a track from Aphex Twin and Faine Jade.