January 26, 2013


Nicki Minaj: Mariah Carey "Doesn't Like Me"

Joseph Okpako
Joseph Okpako

American Idol judge Nicki Minaj was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and talked all things Mariah Carey. In true Minaj style, the animated pop-star made the interview pretty entertaining, especially the part in which she claimed that Carey doesn't like her. And it gets better. 

The late night host talked with Minaj about this week’s Al incident that resulted in her walking off the set. (Not to be confused with this week's other Al incident that resulted in her threatening to wear a contestant's skin.)

In case you missed the shenanigans during the auditions this week on AI, a contestant told the panel that she already had done the “country thing,” insinuating that she was over that genre and wanted to try something new. Well, that got everyone on the judging panel in a tiff. Randy Jackson, Keith Urban and Carey attempted to advise the contestant to stick with country, while Minaj acted as her lone defender.

"I think you're a very good judge," Kimmel told Minaj. "I think you give solid advice."

Kimmel described the tension between the judges as a typical office environment with co-workers and added, "It's clear you and Mariah Carey don't like each other."

"I wouldn't say I don't like her, but I definitely don't think she likes me," Minaj responded.

Minaj said that she is trying to like Carey because she looked up to her for a very long time. Then she added, "I don't want to be like hating this lady, but she had an issue since day one."

Kimmel asked who would win if the two went head-to-head in a fist fight.

"I never fight with fists," Minaj said.

"What do you fight with?" Kimmel asked.

"Whatever weapon is handy," Minaj said. "Don't tell anyone I said that because then there's gonna be another Barbara Walters interview."


Check out the hilarity below.