January 23, 2013


Beatmaker Nosaj Thing Recruits Toro Y Moi for EDM Meditation Music on "Try"

Mikey T
Mikey T

Los Angeles chill-out maestro Nosaj Thing (Jason Chung) has some seriously eclectic taste. He's produced beats for Kendrick Lamar and Kid Cudi but also remixed tracks by the xx, metal band Boris and minimalist legend Philip Glass in his spare time.

On this Song of the Humpday, Nosaj Thing teams with chillwave survivor Toro Y Moi for "Try," a track from Home, his just-dropped sophomore album. Buoyed by a modest synth riff—the kind Kraftwerk used to ease their way out of an intense metallic groove—and the ethereal vocals of Toro Y Moi, "Try" manages to avoid retro throwback territory with a slow-burning-but-crisp beat that's uniquely of the 2010s (Or whatever we're calling this decade).

Take a listen below and let your mind slip away to EDM Neverland for a second.