January 8, 2013


Paramore Offer Their Services as Bruno Mars' "Backing Band"

Jerod Harris
Jerod Harris

With an uncanny knack for melody, a seraphic smile and Elvis Presley-esque hips, Bruno Mars has been quietly assembling a massive fanbase over the last few years. And one of those Mars stans is none other than Hayley Williams

The Paramore frontwoman recently outed herself to AbsolutePunk, telling them she not only wants to sing with Mars, but is willing to give him Paramore as a backing band! That's an offer he can't refuse, especially after naming his album Unorthodox Jukebox

"I'd love to work with Bruno Mars," Williams said. "Motown music and old R&B is some of my favorite stuff and he just reeks of it. It's not just an influence for him—it seems to be running through his veins. [Bassist] Jeremy [Davis] and [guitarist] Taylor [York] love that stuff, too, so it could be fun to sort of be his 'backing band' for a song."

Whoa. Can you imagine Mars' Police-esque "Locked Out of Heaven" pumped up to Paramore-esque volume? Odd as it may seem, I bet a jam session between Paramore and Bruno Mars could produce at least one good jam. Maybe a rocked out duet on "(I've Had) The Time of My Life"? Just an idea! (An admittedly terrible idea.)

Fun fact: Both Paramore and Bruno Mars contributed songs to the Twilight series. So at least they don't need to worry about making small talk when they meet. 

Watch the preview for "Now," their upcoming single, below.