January 17, 2013


Phoenix's New Album Title Might Give You a Seizure

The anticipation for Phoenix's new album is so fervent that it might give fans a seizure. Blame the Paris band, though, who announced the upcoming LP's title, Bankrupt!, with a turbo-flashing, brain-dizzying website video post today. But, hey, don't say you weren't warned...

The band's Facebook page lit up today with the above image, along with a link to their website and this peculiar text, "photosensitive epilepsy warning." Good call, guys, because click over the band's site and a video flashes the words "PHOENIX BANKRUPT!" at warp speed. At least there's a comforting soundtrack of what sounds like new Phoenix music. 

So, while you blink repeatedly, rubbing your eyes to rid of those black and white splotches in your field of view, rest assured: Bankrupt!, the much-anticipated follow-up to 2010's Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, drops sometime this April. 

Who needs eyes when you have ears, right!?