January 22, 2013


Questlove Says D'Angelo Is Close to Finishing Album

Stephen Lovekin
Stephen Lovekin

With each tiny extra bit of news that comes from D'Angelo's camp about a new album, we get closer and closer to hearing the singer's follow-up to 2000's Voodoo. In 2011, Questlove, who's been laying down drums for the singer, told Pitchfork that the album was "97% done." Now, in a new interview with Billboard, the Roots drummer upped the percentage to 99 and said the album will be completed by next month.

"If this record is not turned in by February, then something is extremely wrong," said Quest. "Because we worked to the bone in the entire month of January just to tighten up all the loose ends."

Quest said that his dedication to the project is all-encompassing, exceeding the work he spends on his own band's albums. "He's the only person that I'll actually go to the studio with and stay there to six in the morning, re-doing these drum parts," said the Jimmy Fallon bandleader. "I won't even do that for my own band, but I'll do it for him. Right now, we're just tightening up the loose ends. But I still stand by, 99% of it is done."

Quest called the album "my generation's version of Sly [and the Family Stone's] There's a Riot Goin' On," and said that "It's going to take you about 10 years to digest this record." That's a tough sell for a majority of people who instantly consume, judge and toss off music as soon as they hear it. But our breath remains bated.