January 24, 2013


Iconoclastic Rap Newcomer Le1f Gets Squealy on "Coins"

Roger Kisby
Roger Kisby

The beatmaker behind Das Racist's breakthrough indie hit "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell," Le1f's solo hip hop star started to ascend just as the Brooklyn rap trio called it quits last year. Le1f's made a huge Internet splash with his "Wut" video, a clip that found him gyrating around an oiled-up beefcake rendered anonymous by a Pikachu mask. As the "Wut" video so obviously demonstrated, this New York rapper is an anomaly in the hip hop scene—a rapper who can actually dance! Oh, also he's openly gay.

Le1f just dropped a follow-up track to his Dark York mixtape called "Coins," a crisp 808-esque track that isn't as catchy as "Wut" but better demonstrates his compelling flow. Le1f plays around with his phrasing here, drawing out certain syllables laconically as if to indicate he'll finish a word on his own damn time. And he belies his naturally deep voice on this track with the occasional squeal, which, as The Fader pointed out, is a Danny Brown-esque delight. Listen to it below.