January 7, 2013


Rick Ross to Play 1950s Miami Mob Boss in Cable Crime Drama

Paul A. Hebert
Paul A. Hebert

Rick Ross can add "TV actor" to his already extensive resume. The Maybach Music mogul—who was recently shortlisted for a 2013 Oscar thanks to his contribution to the Django Unchained soundtrack—is joining the cast of Starz's Magic City for its second season.

Rozay will play "the Bolita Boss," a Miami mobster from 1959 in the cable TV crime drama. In the series' online trailer, Ross pops up for a half-second but he makes a big impression with the following line: "God is good… until he ain't." I'm not sure which is more impressive: Ross' ice-cold delivery or the fact that he managed to make the writers give him a line that references his latest album title, God Forgives, I Don't. Well, Ross is the bawse.

PS: Although Ross tweeted this is his "acting debut," he briefly played G Dogg in 2008's Days of Wrath. All I'm saying is, Rick Ross Forgets, I Don't.