January 14, 2013


How to Not Give an Eff: Rihanna's 5 Tips on Taking Selfies

Photo Credit: Rihanna/Instagram
Photo Credit: Rihanna/Instagram

In case you haven't noticed, it's becoming increasingly more acceptable to post gratuitous photos of yourself on the Internet (AKA "selfies"). New sunglasses? Selfie. New haircut? Selfie. Nothing new whatsoever about your appearance, just feel like getting immediate gratification from your Internet following? Selfie! 

Rihanna is admittedly guilty of this habit. Her Instagram account, @badgalriri, averages about one selfie per every four photos posted. On one hand, who can blame her—have you seen her? On the other hand, WE GET IT, YOU'RE HOT. But Rihanna doesn't plan on stopping her selfie obsession any time soon. "It’s narcissistic, but whatever—everyone does it," Ri told Complex. She's right, everyone does do it: Check out the #selfie tag on Instagram. So. Many. Millennials.

So why not step up your selfie game? In the latest issue of Complex, RiRi shared some helpful hints for putting your best face forward on the Internet. Say cheese!

1. Lighting, lighting, lighting. "Get a good light," Rihanna suggested. Make sure it's dim enough to hide those zits but bright enough to show off your lipstick. Or try some some glow-in-the-dark mood lighting. Whatever! Yay, pictures!

2. Showcase your face. "Make sure it's fierce," the "Diamonds" singer said. Take a cue from Tyra Banks and get to practicing your smize. Rihanna definitely knows a thing or two about a good smize: Exhibit A and B.

3. ...Or your boobs. "If [you're highlighting your] boobs, make sure you hit that." What does "hitting that" entail? Probably something like this

4. ...Or whatever your best asset is. Hey, we're not all blessed with Rihanna's DNA. Maybe you're not a face or boob person. Determine whatever part of yourself is looking the most fly and "Get a good angle on what’s working for you that day."

5. Don't forget the caption. A selfie is left open for interpretation unless you give it some context. Rihanna's range of captions runs from the down-right confusing to the straight-up raunchy. Her best ever might be, "Who needs fashion when there’s pu$$y." She has a point.