January 9, 2013


Flop Alert: Rihanna Nominated for Razzie for Role in 'Battleship'

Michael Buckner
Michael Buckner

The Razzie folks have been handing out awards for the worst film performances since 1981, so they've seen plenty of horrible movies in the past 30 years. And unfortunately, they think Rihanna's performance in 2012's Battleship was worthy of her very first acting nomination: Worst Supporting Actress. The film received seven nominations total, which is nothing compared to the most nominated movie this year, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II, which earned 11 nominations (in 10 categories).

Since the release of Battleship last May, Rihanna has been on an epic not-giving-a-f--- spree, including wearing what were basically pajamas to the premiere of the film, ignoring all of the people on her 777 tour plane and telling the world that if she is, in fact, back together with ex Chris Brown, it's "Nobody's Business." Something tells us this Razzie nomination isn't exactly going to get her down.