January 17, 2013


Wow: Is Rihanna Snuggling With Chris Brown on Her New Single Cover?

In today's edition of "What are Rihanna and Chris Brown up to these days?" Rihanna recently revealed the covers for her two upcoming singles "Stay" and "Pour It Up." But who cares about the "Pour It Up" cover (check it out here if you do) when Brown is probably-maybe-sort of featured on the "Stay" cover? [Insert your favorite exasperation here.]

Rihanna first premiered the love ballad during her "Saturday Night Live" appearance in November, and anyone who watched her moving rendition of the song (and knows anything at all about Ri's personal life) was probably thinking this same thing: "OMG, this is totally about Chris Brown." 

Whether or not the song is about Chris, there's something fishy going on in the cover art. Even though the photo looks like it's been Instagrammed 100 times over, we can still make out a neck tattoo on the man she's hugging. Kinda like that controversial neck tattoo Brown got last year. Other than that, it could kind of be anyone. 

What do you guys think?