January 23, 2013


Who Is Selena Gomez's Valentine?

Forget Justin Bieber. This year Selena Gomez's valentine is her upcoming album. The pop starlet has been so focused on recording her fourth release, logging marathon days in the studio, that she probably won't be celebrating Valentine’s Day!

"I’ve been locking myself away. I’ve recorded over 18 songs and I have a month left of recording," she tells Fuse of her still-untitled new album, tentatively set to drop in March. "I’m definitely pouring my heart and soul into this one.”

So don't expect Selena (or her heart or soul) to be wandering outside the studio on February 14: "No, I think I'm in the booth," she says of her V-Day plans. "I think I'm recording!"

Hear more from Selena in the video above, filmed on the red carpet for an all-acoustic UNICEF benefit concert in New York City. And in the video below, Selena explains a key scene in her new movie, the Harmony Korine-directed Spring Breakers, co-starring James Franco, whose character is inspired by wacky-wild rapper Riff Raff.