January 22, 2013


Tax Money-Wasting Prank Sends Police to Chris Brown's House

Jason Merritt
Jason Merritt

When police rushed to Chris Brown's Los Angeles home Monday afternoon after receiving a 911 call about domestic violence, they found something shocking—Brown wasn't even at home.

This hoax is the latest in an increasingly popular (and decreasingly amusing) series of swatting pranks. What is "swatting," you ask? Well, that's when (presumably bored pubescent) anonymous individuals make fake 911 calls to bring police—and ideally a SWAT team—to various celebrities' houses.

Yes, this means the Internet is no longer content merely wasting people's time and has moved onto pissing away taxpayers' money as well. Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise have been pranked in the past, which means it's only a matter of time before Taylor Swift gets a visit.

Speaking of which, someone should at least get creative and try to pull off an unholy swatting/Taylor Swifting hybrid. At least that might be worth the misspent resources.