January 24, 2013


Breaking: People Like Taylor Swift

Caroline McCredie
Caroline McCredie

In case she wan't rich enough already, Taylor Swift just signed on as the newest spokeswoman for Keds. Swift first teamed up with the shoe company in October to heIp promote her album Red (with a line of—wait for it—red shoes). In the latest ad campaign, Keds are aiming to "appeal to 'brave girls' and 'bravehearts,'" using Swift's role model status to bring younger shoppers to the brand.

And how's she going to do that? With her charming likability, duh. 

Despite what her ex-boyfriends think about her, Taylor Swift is actually quantifiably likable. Henry Schafer, executive vice president at the Q Scores Company, an organization that measures consumer appeal of celebrities, told the New York Times that Swift's Q score is 24. The average female celebrity has a Q score of only 17 while the average for a female singer is 16. Swift FTW again!

Taylor's Q score is even higher among younger demographics—among females 13 to 24, her Q score is 26, and among children 6 to 12, it's 45. For reference, Elvis' Q score is 33 while Mickey Mouse's is 44. 

Not only does Taylor Swift have about a million trophies lining her mantel, but now she can also say that people actually like her. Like, as a measurable fact. How many of you can say that?