January 3, 2013


The Cars + Tom Petty = This Absurdly Fun Song From Philly's Free Energy

Dominic Neitz
Dominic Neitz

Sure, it's only been three days into this year, but I think it's fair to say Free Energy's "Girls Want Rock" is the best rock song of 2013. It's a fist-pumping bubblegum explosion in the vein of Tom Petty, the Cars and Nick Lowe that reminds you that simple, dumb fun is always a welcome addition to the music world. 

In case you missed them the first time around, Free Energy formed in Philadelphia out of the ashes of Minnesota rockers Hockey Night and dropped an excellent Weezer-esque debut in 2010. The follow-up album Love Sign—perhaps named in tribute to the former moniker of fellow Minnesotan Prince?—comes out January 15. After listening to "Girls Want Rock" several times now, it would be biologically impossible for us to be more excited for the album. 

In fact, while testing hasn't produced conclusive results just yet, scientists are theorizing this hand clap-laden tune will soon replace mood lamps and melatonin for treatment of seasonal affective disorder. If yer feelin' blue, listen to it below.