January 17, 2013


U2 Working on Two New Albums With Danger Mouse

Dave M. Benett
Dave M. Benett

When Larry Mullen Jr. sat down with Ireland's national radio broadcaster, the U2 drummer revealed some huge news about one of the most popular bands on earth. Not only did Mullen confirm that U2 are working on an album for 2013, but he revealed that they're hoping to drop TWO new records in the near future.

"Hopefully what we will be able to do is release one in September this year and shortly afterwards, release again," Mullen told RTE. "That's what we want to do." No arguments here!

That's not the only thing he let slip, though. Apparently the veteran rockers have been working on material with veteran oddball producer Danger Mouse. "We are working with [producer] Brian Burton at the moment of Danger Mouse. No, will.i.am is not there, just Mister Mouse," Mullen said. "There's lots of music which is great." Burton—who formed Gnarls Barkley with Cee Lo Green—produced the most recent records by Norah Jones and the Black Keys. With his diverse musical history in mind, the next U2 record could sound like anything! But let's be honest, it will probably just end up sounding like another U2 album. Not that there's anything wrong with that

Bono also spilled some details about the upcoming U2 album, if you're willing to believe The Sun. According to the British tabloid, they spoke with Bono and he revealed the LP is tentatively titled 10 Reasons to Exist. But take that with an ocean-sized serving of salt, because the less-than-venerable publication repeatedly quotes Bono as referring to U2 as "they," which makes no sense unless he's suddenly developed an acute case self-referentialism along the lines of Elmo or Bob Dole.