January 20, 2013


The Lumineers' "Ho Hey" Dominated 'Saturday Night Live'

The Lumineers and their hit "Ho Hey" straight dominated TV on Saturday night. Even if you missed the Denver band's set on Saturday Night Live, chances are you still heard "Ho Hey" on the trailer for Silver Linings Playbook, which stars the episode's host Jennifer Lawrence, or the Blue Moon Brewing commercials. This song is inescapable! But, really, why'd you want to escape such folk-rock beauty?

The Lumineers, nominated for two Grammys this year (Best New Artist and Best Americana Album), opened up their SNL gig, naturally, with "Ho Hey," as fedora'd frontman Wesley Schultz led the stomping and hollering, and fitfully strummed his acoustic guitar. They returned later in the show with "Stubborn Love," the second single off their self-titled debut, again flaunting their signature rustic Americana sound and group vocals of heartbreak . Click to watch both live performances below.