February 4, 2013


5 Ridiculous Quotes From Lady Gaga's Lawsuit

Josiah Kamau
Josiah Kamau

If you think Lady Gaga is, well, gaga, get a glimpse of what working for her is like.

Celebuzz revealed official documents from the six-hour deposition Gaga gave in the lawsuit involving her former assistant suing for unpaid hours of work. We've already covered the eight b*tchiest things she said, but more news has surfaced.

Mother Monster's tour rider, employee e-mails and hotel accommodations were shown to reveal strange, but most likely everyday, details of what working for Gaga's like. The names are blocked, but the words make it clear what being a part of the Haus of Gaga really means.

Check out five facts on what we can gather from the 14 leaked pages:

1. A Few Million Dollars Mean Nothing When Choosing the Right Apartment

I spoke to Gaga briefly about apartment options. She’s interested in buying an apartment or brownstone in Tribeca, Soho or LES and looking for something high end in the $4-5 million range…she feels like its not a lot of $ in the scheme of things since she wants to spend much more.

2. This Is the Best Way to Describe the Specifics of a Heel Being Made for You by Christian Louboutin

“High-fashion goth shows…sexy, simple..studs…leather…”

3. How to Make an Everyday Request to Your Wigmaker

Gaga wants to know if you have a middle parted lace front wig you can dye yellow?

4. When You're Preparing a Room for Gaga, You Better Do It Right

Gaga liked the ambiance that was created in Chicago for Oprah filming. Glam rock, Black, Silver statins drapped [sic] over walls Old Rock Posters from her favorite artists Bowie, Queen, Elton, Billy Joel, Billy [sic] Holiday [sic] Her favorite fan art that was kept on the road with us.

5. Always Make Sure There's a Sample Ready

Also she wanted a manquin [sic] with puffy pink public hair…please send us some samples.

Maybe that assistant should have been paid for overtime...and then some...