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Valentine's Day Heartbreak: 5 Stages of Loneliness in Song

Are you going to be alone on the most romantic day of year? Let's get through it together with Fuse's playlist

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Mark Evans

Alone this Valentine's Day? Just have your heart broken? Or simply couldn't find a warm body to snuggle up to this February 14? 

Let's get through this difficult time together. We have been there before—seriously, this is like the third year we've been stood up on Valentine's Day—so we know the deal.

Now according to science there are typically five stages of emotions that accompany heartbreak and its recovery. We can do it! We can do it! And we have just the soundtrack to help with each stage.

 Here we go...

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Stage 1: Denial

"What?!? How could I be alone on Valentines Day?!?"

It may be hard to accept that you're all alone on the most romantic day of the year. So just deal, okay?  

You can keep lying to yourself, hoping that a previous lover or new flame will show up at your door at the last possible second, showering you with Justin Bieber-themed Valentine's Day cards... but the chance of that happening is like 1,000,000,000 to 1 (Also the local Walmart just sold out of Bieber cards. They only have One Direction cards in stock).

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Stage 2: Anger

"ANGRY!" *Picks up computer speakers and throws them across the room...

Yeah! Get angry! You're alone on a stupid holiday that no one cares about. You know it was just made up by corporations to sell greeting cards, candy bars and Barry Manilow tickets.

So get up and throw on your favorite "f*#ck you!" song. If you're a metalhead, pop music fan, hip hop connoisseur, punk kid, polka enthusiast; find that one song that you can jam out your rage to and crank it up to 11.

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Stage 3: Bargaining

"If I stand outside their window with a boombox, maybe I can win them over?"

Okay....so now that you're coming down from letting all that anger out, you're most likely going to try and bargain yourself into, or back into, a relationship. But, unless you have Chris Brown's magical ability to win lovers over (no matter the circumstances), or you have Taylor Swift's knack of finding a new lover each month...all that pleading will get you nowhere...and you will slip into the next stage...

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Stage 4: Depression

"...   :(  ... "

Now comes the hardest stage: depression. You're going to probably want to listen to that "sad playlist" you created on your iPod, and then start posting the lyrics of those songs on your Facebook wall. It's okay. We have all been there before. There is a reason why for every song about being in love, two are made about breakups and being alone (don't do the math on that).

But cheer up, cause the next stage is a lot better!

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Stage 5: Acceptance

"Turn that frowny face emoticon upside down"

Hooray! You have now moved on and accepted that being alone on Valentine's Day is not such a big deal. 

So now it's time to pump up your favorite "I'm better off without you" power anthem, and celebrate your independence.  

Hope we at Fuse could help you overcome the 5 stages of V-Day blues. 

Share the top 5 songs that you will blaring in your headphones to get through a lonely Valentine's Day right in our comments section below. Who knows you may find you have something in common with another commenter...;)

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