February 23, 2013


Adam Levine Would Rather Die Than Wear Other Celeb Fashion Lines

Mark Sundstrom for Fuse
Mark Sundstrom for Fuse

T-shirt wearing Adam Levine is jumping on the fashion bandwagon by releasing his own collection this fall. The Maroon 5 lead singer is teaming up with Kmart and launching 222, a men and women’s  fashion line out this fall.  

But if Levine had the option to choose between death or wear celeb-designed clothing, the tattooed Voice judge boldly said he would rather die, MTV reports.

"Seriously. But wait...does Calvin Klein count? Or Tom Ford? I'd wear their lines."

However, when asked which musician’s closet he’d steal from, Levine said: "Elton John for sure. I bet he's got some crazy sh*t in there."

As for his 222 collection, Levine told E! News that his clothes are indicative of his own personal style.  

"I enjoy, from the male perspective, something being effortless or casual. You don't wanna be the guy that's trying too hard in a room. Then you just look like an A-hole." And that goes for the women’s line as well, he added "[The line] is like me but with breasts and a vagina."