February 27, 2013


Amy Winehouse Ex Blake Fielder-Civil "Regrets" Introducing Her to Heroin

Jon Furniss/WireImage
Jon Furniss/WireImage

Amy Winehouse died a year and a half ago, but our wounds over it are still fresh. And her ex, Blake Fielder-Civil, just threw some salt in 'em.

According to NME, he opened up to UK TV program The Jeremy Kyle Show about the couple’s infamous substance use.

Fielder-Civil recalled the first time Winehouse tried the drug. “I'd taken it about three or four times; we were in a hotel in east London and I think I had about £10 of heroin with me,” he said. “I was smoking it on foil and she said, 'Can I try some?' I think I might have put up a weak resistance. The fact is, whatever I said, she did end up having some."

Fielder-Civil said he viewed that moment as a crossroads in Winehouse's life. He detailed, "We were using it once a week for about two to three weeks, to then twice a week and then it gradually built up like that. We smoked. She never injected it."

Though reports confirmed she died of alcohol poisoning, Fielder-Civil sees a correlation between the drug and her untimely death. 

He added, “I don't want to feel like I'm shirking responsibility. Of course I regret it, not just because of the damage it's caused Amy and the loss of life, but the damage to her family, but also to my family and to me."