Bad Religion Talk Frank Ocean, Latest Chart Success & New Track "F-ck You"

Ninety-nine percent of current bands can only dream of having a career like Bad Religion

While the shelf life of your average punk band is one, maybe two, albums, these dudes have been going for more than 30 years. The group released their 16th album True North last month, and 31 years after their debut, scored their highest-charting album of their career.

"When we started out, punk was about challenging the conventions," says singer Greg Graffin in the above video. "Now there’s so many conventions to challenge, that yes, you can still be punk. Maybe it’s even easier." The group also discuss the 30th anniversary of their second album Into the Unknown (with less-than-complimentary words) and compare their band with Frank Ocean's track of the same name.

"When he performed on [Saturday Night Live] and the hashtag 'bad religion' started coming up, our fans took over the twitter hashtag and said, 'We’re not letting you have this,' says bassist Jay Bentley. "So, punk insurrection."

Also check out the video below, with the band discussing what it means for True North to chart so high, new track "F-ck You" and how their album cover is meant to "provoke discussion and thought." Watch and learn, young'ns.