February 1, 2013


Queen Diva Big Freedia Rates Her Fave Celebrity Booties

When Big Freedia—the best booty-shaker to come out of New Orleans' burgeoning bounce music scene—stopped by Fuse HQ, we asked the Queen Diva to rate the bottoms of today's top pop stars.

"Rihanna? She knows how to work it," Freedia says. "She's a girl from the islands so she has that rhythm. I'm more than sure she can bounce." (If you don't know what bounce is, just watch the video interview above).

RiRi aside, Freedia weighs in on the most famous posteriors of our time—Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj—as well as a under-appreciated rears (Madonna, anyone?). 

She even gives her take on the booty-shaking potential of the most famous expecting parents around. "Kim Kardashian has it in her roots," Freedia says. "Even Kanye West. He probably wouldn't want to do it, but he could do it. Anybody can do it! No matter age or size of butt, you can bounce—I can teach you."

Freedia also tells us about the sometimes strained recording process of her upcoming album, Da Idol. "It was a lot of ups and downs. It was very rough. I put a lot into it: Ideas, production, sweating and steam. I'm just trying to make bounce to go that next national level." But don't worry—Da Idol will have "the knock and the kick and the boom" that bounce fans have come to love.

Get Freedia's full takes on azzes in the clip above, and hear more about her new album in the interview below.