February 19, 2013


BRIT Awards to "Rewrite the Wrong" of Cutting Off Adele's Acceptance Speech

Kevin Mazur/WireImage
Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Who cuts off Adele? If the world was just, no one would ever do such a thing. But at last year's BRIT Awards, the producers of the show gave the "Someone Like You" singer the exit music just 20 seconds in to her British Album of the Year acceptance speech.

So what happens when you cut off Adele? She flips you off. Seems only fair.

To make up for kicking arguably the most famous singer in England off the stage prematurely, BRITs chairman David Joseph assures fans that nothing like that will happen again at this year's awards. In fact, the show is planning on making up for the mistake. 

"How can you take an artist who has made the biggest cultural impact musically this country has seen globally for some time and cut her off in the middle of her speech?" Joseph told the Guardian. "I very much to this day question what was happening in that control booth. I can hint that something is going to happen this year to rewrite that wrong."

No word on what the surprise might entail, but we can't be the only ones who kind of enjoyed seeing a classy lady such as Adele flip the bird to millions on TV. We're just saying we won't mind if it happens again.