February 19, 2013


What Does a Pop Star Eat? Britney Spears' Grocery List Reveals All

JB Lacroix
JB Lacroix

Paparazzi are always following Britney Spears around, and they recently caught a glimpse of something we've all wondered about at least once: her grocery list. 

Most celebrities as big as the "Till the World Ends" singer go on and on about the benefits of a macrobiotic diet and/or gluten-free everything, but Britney's grocery list looks a lot like yours and mine. Zap2It got a close-up of what she was picking up. Drum roll, please: 

Ginger ale
Orange juice
2 percent milk

We could chalk up the Lunchables to her two children, 7-year-old Sean and 6-year-old Jayden. But we could also chalk them up to the fact that Britney still eats them.... because they are delicious. (Especially the pizza ones!) Other than that, her list doesn't look that crazy at all. Nothing to see here, folks.

The bigger story here is that Britney actually goes grocery shopping herself. If I was that rich, that'd be the first thing I hire someone to do for me. Keep it real, Brit!