February 20, 2013


Burger King and Jeep Hacker Linked to Boston DJ

Tony "iThug" Cunha
Tony "iThug" Cunha

By now, you've probably heard about the latest social media fail: the hacking this past weekend of Burger King and Jeep's Twitter pages. Amid all the Chief Keef shoutouts posted on the former's site, there were more than a few linking back to a mysterious account entitled @GUHTI_ (That's "iThug" backwards if you missed that clever ruse).

Now Gizmodo claims to have found the culprit: A New England-based DJ named Tony Chuha, a member of the same hacking crew that tapped into Paris Hilton's T-Mobile Sidekick in 2005. Oh Tony. Why couldn't you just be into Angry Birds and Snapchat like the rest of us?  

How did the crack sleuthing team at Gizmodo find such a diabolical master of subterfuge and deceit? He bragged about it on Facebook using his real name before deleting his account. Gizmodo corroborated the info on his Facebook wall with text messages they acquired.

Cunha had been a DJ in the Boston/Providence area for years under the name iThug, with one Facebook event proclaming, "Turn off your computer & hide yr logins because Lovelife's own Executive Hacker is coming to MakeItNew this Thurs." Because the ability to hack into someone's account is essential when compiling a solid DJ set. Godspeed, Tony.