February 5, 2013


Dave Grohl Mocks Britney Spears: "She Kinda Seems Dead Inside"

Getty Images, 2
Getty Images, 2

Britney Spears has ten Top 10 hits, 11 different fragrances and millions upon millions of dollars to her name—several of which she earned just by nodding and smiling on The X Factor for a few months. And now it appears she's headed to Las Vegas for a residency that's bound to make her even wealthier. But according to Dave Grohl, she's missing one important thing—life itself.

"She kinda seems dead inside," Grohl said while guest hosting for Chelsea Handler on an episode of Chelsea Lately that will air tonight. "There's nothing behind her eyes, there's nothing in her boobs anymore."

Now before you get all "Leave Britney alone!!!!", let's keep in mind Grohl made these comments while pinch-hitting for a late night talk show host. Meaning, his (temp) job here is to make people laugh. Still, people aren’t taking the comments lightly. "As one of rock's truly solid guys, Grohl knows better than this," Spin tsk-tsked, and commenters on Spears' fansite BreathHeavy are dropping the d-word and the c-word in reference to Grohl.

What do you think? Is Grohl just goofin' for the camera, or should he cut back on the toxic comments about Brit-Brit? Watch the clip below and decide for yourself.