February 11, 2013


Drug Store Clerk to Hip Hop Star: Drake Talks "Started From the Bottom" Video

And here comes the post-Grammy release-a-thon: Justin Timberlake just dropped a new track, and now Drake—who won a Grammy for Best Rap Album with Take Care—has dropped a new video for "Started From the Bottom," and confirmed that his next album, called Nothing Was the Same, will drop this summer.

The clip (watch below) is a spot-on visual narration to the track—we see Drake literally start from the bottom, winning soccer games and getting a promotion to night manager at the local drug store. But soon he's rolling in luxury cars and flying in private jets to exotic locales. Naturally, there's plenty booze, blunts and scantily clad women, aka the (ahem) booty acquired from hip hop stardom.

"It's about the misinterpretation of me," Drizzy says of the track and video in an interview with Fuse (watch above). "And it means a lot to me and my friends and what we've had to do to get here."