February 6, 2013


Fall Out Boy Return: 5 New Things You'll See at Their Concert

#1Fall Out Boy Kick Ass at the Studio at Webster Hall

Fresh in from their hometown of Chicago after playing their first official comeback show after a three-year hiatus, Fall Out Boy took the stage at New York City's Studio at Webster Hall at 9 PM sharp Tuesday night. Eager fans in the audience buzzed about how they managed to score a ticket or which friend of a friend (of a friend) was able to squeeze them on a guest list. A pair of kids outside the venue couldn't stop shouting expletives after buying fake tickets off a Craigslist scammer. 

Despite the excitement, the audience wasn't sure what to expect. Would the band get along? Were Fall Out Boy happy to be back or were they staging a quick cash-grab? Most importantly, what were they going to sound like?

They sounded f-cking awesome. Patrick, Pete, Joe and Andy were well rehearsed and well rested—it was high intensity for the entire 90-minute set. The Studio at Webster Hall was made for bands like Fall Out Boy: brave audience members can (and did) crowd surf their way directly onto the stage, and there's just something about the 300-person capacity that felt like the perfect sweet spot for the band.

They ran through the 24-song set list like seasoned pros, but a few of the oldies gave them a little bit of trouble. "Sorry, I forgot some of the words on that one!" (It's okay, Patrick.) It was just like old times, and it was almost like nothing had changed. Almost.

Whether you're getting a ticket to their upcoming Save Rock and Roll tour for nostalgia's sake or you're pumped about the new album (Save Rock and Roll, out May 7), you're going to notice a few changes from the pre-hiatus Fall Out Boy shows. Here's a few things to expect at a 2013 FOB concert.

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