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9 Ways to Get Ready for Fall Out Boy's Return

Dust off your MySpace page and heat up your flat iron—Fall Out Boy are back and we're getting you prepped for the reunion

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This Ain't a Scene, It's a God Damn Reunion

(EXCLUSIVE, Premium Rates Apply) Fall Out Boy *EXCLUSIVE* (Photo by Saverio Truglia/WireImage)
Saverio Truglia

After rumors hit the Internet just over a week ago, Fall Out Boy couldn't keep it a secret any longer: the dudes have officially announced they're reuniting! Well, according to the band, it's not technically a reunion "because they never broke up." To-ma-to, to-mah-to.

Whether it's a "reunion" or a "return," who cares! The important part is we've got a new FOB song to memorize ("My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark"), even more new music on the way—their sixth album, Save Rock and Roll, is due out May 7—and a six-week tour, with the boys hitting the road starting May 14 in Milwaukee. 

But things have changed a bit since we last heard from the band. Fall Out Boy's most successful album, Infinity on High, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 in 2007. Back then, Twitter was still in its infancy and no one knew what a Honey Boo Boo was. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Refresh your memory on the Fall Out Boy of yore with a trip back through the scene (or arms race) in the mid-2000s. Do you still remember your MySpace password?

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Update Your MySpace Page

Before we were poking our friends on Facebook, we were telling our entire social network all about the mundane details of our life via MySpace—we were setting our "moods" and uploading bathroom selfies without a care in the world. The "New MySpace" looks like it could be cool, but a show of hands if you also want to bring back your "Top 8."

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Charge Your Motorola RAZR

Photo: Motorola

If you didn't have a Motorola RAZR in 2006, you were worthelss. Your parents didn't love you, you had no friends and you were definitely the biggest loser not only in your class, but in all the high schools in your district. Paris Hilton sported the coveted pink RAZR and even despite that, the phone was still awesome. The classy V3 model used to run you a good chunk of your paycheck, but nowadays you can pick one up for a cool $22.

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Flat Iron Your Hair

Man Mirror Straightener

It's hard to remember what the frizzy-haired among us did with their locks before the invention of flat irons. Back in 2006, these things were a must-have for emo kids going to shows. How else were their parents supposed to know how fake-sad they were if one eye wasn't hidden behind stick-straight hair?

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Say "Cheese"... Or Something

Before most celebrities had TwitPics of their junk all over the Internet, FOB bassist Pete Wentz was navigating the waters for us. In March of 2006 (i.e. before Lindsay, Paris and Britney were running around Hollywood with no underwear), Pete sent a pic of his pecker to a romantic interest, because that is a totally acceptable way to woo someone. The photo ended up front-and-center on every celebrity website, and, well, you can Google it yourself.

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Load Up on Black Jelly Bracelets

Photo: Amazon.com

These jelly bracelets have come in and out of fashion since the 1980s, but the resurgence of the accessory in 2003 sparked controversy when parents caught wind of the reason kids were wearing them again—SEX! Word on the street was the color of the bracelet you were wearing determined what you were into... sexually. Another possibility as to why kids stacked these on their arms: black bracelets are punk rock, man.

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Pray for Lindsay

MIAMI BEACH - JANUARY 1: Lindsay Lohan is seen leaving a South Beach nightclub in the early morning hours on January 1, 2007
Alexander Tamargo

We all had high hopes for Lindsay Lohan back in 2007. (So did Pete Wentz, who's been romantically linked to the actress.) But after two DUIs, one probation and three visits to rehab that year, we started to worry about the Cady Heron we used to know and love. Actually, we still do.

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Buy a Disposable Camera

Front view of a cheap disposable camera on a white background

Instagram what? Back then, not even rich people had cameras on their phones. And only slightly less rich people could afford a digital camera. Kids had to go to shows and sneak in a $20 disposable camera hoping the throw-away point-and-click would score them at least a few shots that would help them remember their favorite concert forever. 

Are we the only ones who think it'd be fun to bring these babies back? After all, they're only $4, and we kind of miss what it was like waiting to see what your pictures looked like instead of knowing within seconds. 

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Sharpen Your Guyliner

If Pete Wentz taught us anything (besides how to take a d-ck pic), it's that black eyeliner, when worn properly, is an equal opportunity player. ("Guy" + "Eyeliner" = "Guyliner") Though Pete doesn't wear it anymore—it's "out" as of 2009—it doesn't mean you can't. Everything old is new again, duh.

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Buy a Ticket!

Island Records

Jokes aside, Fall Out Boy are back! After a three-year hiatus, the boys are playing their native Chicago Monday night, and two tiny gigs at NYC's Webster Hall and L.A.'s Roxy later this week. Then they hit the road in May for their U.S. tour, and the new album drops May 7. 

In the words of the band themselves, this is the takeover... the break's over.

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