February 19, 2013


Frank Ocean Is "10, 11 Songs" Into His Next Album

Kevork Djansezian
Kevork Djansezian

What with his two Grammy wins, forgiving Chris Brown and writing a novel, Frank Ocean is a busy man. But despite his full schedule, the Channel Orange artist is already working on the follow-up to 2012's Best Urban Contemporary Album. 

Ocean told BBC he's "10, 11 songs" into his next LP, which he describes as "another cohesive thing, bordering on a concept record again.” While he didn't reveal much else—the R&B singer chooses his words judiciously, often tweeting one word a week—Ocean said he's already worked with Pharrell on some of these tracks and hopes to get together with Danger Mouse soon.

Ocean also dropped this important bombshell: Tyler, the Creator turned him onto psych-rockers Tame Impala: "It's wicked. They're great." So that's cool, cuz we like 'em, too.