February 5, 2013


Who Will Win Best New Artist at the Grammys?


Depending on who you are, winning a Best New Artist Grammy is either a stepping stone to superstardom or a catalyst for one-and-done status. For every Beatles (1965 winner) and Mariah Carey (1991), there's a Starland Vocal Band and Christopher Cross. For this year's award, Alabama Shakes, fun., Hunter Hayes, the Lumineers and Frank Ocean are all vying for the prize.

Before you watch the Grammy awards this Sunday, we've broken down each artist, giving Pro and Con reasons for why they'll thank their family on the podium or stay in their seat pretending to be happy for the winner. Take a look at each nominee and when you're done, head over to Fuse's 2013 Grammy poll and cast your vote for Best New Artist and other categories.

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