February 6, 2013


Grimes Defends Her Love of Beyonce, Psy & Mariah Carey

Gabriel Olsen
Gabriel Olsen

When indie darling Grimes posted her favorite songs of 2012 list on her Tumblr, she included some surprising picks, including artists like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen, Lana Del Rey and Psy. And then she caught a whole lot of flack for it. (Because she's supposed to be underground and cool.)

Grimes came to pop music's defense in a new blog post where she singled out Beyonce, Psy and Mariah Carey, and explained her respect and adoration for each of the artists. She's since deleted the post (and all but two posts on her Tumblr), but Pitchfork grabbed it before she took it down. 

"How can you hate Beyonce?" Grimes asked. "She's changing the world. She stands for people of colour and women everywhere succeeding in a stifling patriarchy without compromising her morals... She's always positive. She is everything good. And the fact that she is hugely successful is not a sh-tty thing. It's an important and amazing thing..."

Grimes also commends Psy for his global success, stating that "Gangnam Style" is "good for humanity" and the Korean singer is a "GENIUS." (Emphasis hers.) "His art is creating a generation of kids that will grow up seeing Asian culture as being as valid as Western culture which they currently don't... Racism isn't over. Sexism isn't over. The only way things actually effect social change is by hitting the audience that perpetuates these ideas."

Mariah Carey received the biggest compliment from the "Genesis" singer, though, when she explains that MiMi is the very reason that Grimes even exists. "I know very few adult males who consider themselves serious 'music guys' who don't laugh when I say I like Mariah Carey. Why? Because she's beautiful and people like her... The first time I heard Mariah Carey it shattered the fabric of my existence and I started Grimes." Whoa. That's some high praise.