February 22, 2013


Jerry Seinfeld on Wale Collaboration: "It's Fun When You Cross Over Lines"

Jason Kempin
Jason Kempin

Last month, we told you about the bizarre, surreal collaboration between Maybach Music Group rapper Wale and Jerry Seinfeld, arguably the least hip-hop comic since the Smothers Brothers. In the video, Seinfeld can be heard expounding on his love of Wale, how his wife listens to him all the time and the connection between hip hop and stand-up ("Cause hip hop’s words, right?," the comic dubiously explains.)

Rolling Stone caught up with Seinfeld to discuss the collaboration further, and while we don't get a ton of revelations, any time you have Seinfeld talking about Wale, I will cover it.

"Wale came to a show–I think it was in Philly–and we hung out a little bit. And he's a very nice kind of a guy," said Seinfeld, presumably unaware of the hilarity of that statement. "It's always fun when you cross over lines, you know, in the show business world. It's always fun to go into somebody else's thing and vice versa. So that in itself is just reason enough to do it."

Seinfeld himself admits to not hearing the final product of his studio collabo with the rapper, but did note similarities between rapping and stand-up.

"There's no difference between rapping and standup. You're trying to catch people's attention with a catchy thought or something that's deeper than it seems. And it just makes your mind jump. So it's the same business, really. It's like hacky-sack with words."

Now we just need to hear actual music and we'll be set.