My Morning Jacket frontman Jim James' debut solo album, Regions of Light and Sound of God, drops today. Finally. To celebrate, the hirsute rocker donned a suit and tie and hit Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Monday to perform the LP's tender and introspective acoustic tune "A New Life" with the Roots and a big band orchestra. 

Watch above at the 36:00 minute mark--he struts as the tune rises from a quiet acoustic ditty to a heart-swelling mini-epic with a string section and marching-style band with big drums and horns.

James recently told Fuse about the gorgeous track: "It went through several different phases before I found what I wanted it to be," James tells Fuse. "It was acoustic and then I tried a more straight-ahead drum approach, and then I tried a dreamy trance approach, and they just all felt like they said too much of a thing.

"I started messing around with loops and different percussion and just really wanted the sound of the song to echo the celebration I was trying to convey with the words and music. It’s acoustic, but celebratory."

He adds, "I get like a Harry Belafonte tropical vibe out of it and that’s what I was going for."