February 12, 2013


Justin Bieber Thinks "The Black Keys Drummer Should Be Slapped Around"

Getty Images, 2
Getty Images, 2

You know those days where you wake up and find out Justin BIeber wants to "slap around" one of the Black Keys? No? Oh right, because no one would ever expect that to happen. Except it just did, making today the strangest day of 2013.

So why is the pop superstar beefing with the indie drummer? And why does Bieber even care about the Black Keys, much less know who they are? Well, TMZ is to blame. One of their reporters asked Patrick Carney (who nabbed three Grammys this Sunday) for his thoughts on Bieber's Grammy snub.

"He's rich, right?" Carney said, clearly not relishing speaking to TMZ. "Grammys are for music, not for money. He's making a lot of money. He should be happy, I guess."

Regardless of how Carney meant the comment—either as a dismissal of Bieber's artistry or to put things in perspective and point out that Bieber is hardly ailing without Grammy love—the man himself did not take those comments lightly.

Bieber wasted not a second and lashed out at the indie drummer on Twitter: "The Black Keys drummer should be slapped around haha." As you can tell from the "haha," JB isn't exactly fuming here, but he's not playing the nice guy either.

Honestly, you have to wonder why Bieber even cares that Carney "dissed" him. As we pointed out yesterday, Bieber is kinda-sorta bigger than the Grammys at this point in pop culture. So maybe he should cool down and wait for that future date when people will lust after the Belieber Lifetime Achievement Award (which will be known colloquially as "the Swaggy Trophy") instead of a Grammy.