February 14, 2013


Listen to Justin Bieber's Valentine's Day Playlist


It’s Valentine’s Day! While millions of girls are hoping that a newly single Justin Bieber will be their valentine (we are too!) …it’s probably not going to happen. 

So, Metro got the second best thing for Beliebers: his Valentine's Day playlist! Bieber may not be interested in listening with his obsessive fanbase (he told the newspaper, "I get a lot of marriage proposals" from wild fans), they can at least pretend they're listening with the megastar.

The singer's playlist choices range from modern and classic R&B jams to '90s classics to his own single. Cozy up with your Justin Bieber sex doll and take a listen to the 10 tracks.

P.S. We hope you're listening Selena! Get back together!!

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