February 26, 2013


Justin Timberlake, Mumford & Sons Record Song for Coen Bros. Movie

© CBS Films
© CBS Films

While Justin Timberlake is remaining mum on his upcoming role in the Coen Brothers' fictional folk-rock biopic Inside Llewyn Davis, he just revealed a crazy bit of news about the movie's soundtrack. It will feature a song that combines his talents with those of Marcus Mumford, the frontman of Grammy faves Mumford & Sons.

"I did work with Marcus Mumford on the soundtrack, so I became very good friends with them," Timberlake told MTV. "Marcus and myself, we all kind of worked on the music together. I don’t know any other world where we would have the opportunity to collaborate like that but it was so much fun. So not only will that be a great movie, but the music to it will be fantastic.”

So there you have it: The long pined-for collaboration between a member of Mumford & Sons and *NSYNC has finally happened, and we can thank the Coens for it.

P.S. Is there anything more adorable than that picture of Timberlake and Carey Mulligan above? Oh yeah, THIS.