February 5, 2013


Is Kanye West's New Album Titled 'Rich Black American'?

Gallo Images
Gallo Images

This one's straight from the rumor mill, but we had to let you know: Kanye West's new album might be called Rich Black American

In what looks like a leaked screen cap of an iTunes page for Ye's new album (via Hip-Hop Wired), we're able to read a few details that were probably meant to be top secret: the album title, a list of seven songs and the names of several collaborators. A few of Kanye's past collaborators are listed (Beyonce, Pusha T, 2 Chainz and Big Sean) as well as three exciting new ones—Frank Ocean, Skrillex and Florence Welch.

The one fact we do know is that Skrillex has definitely put in some studio time with Yeezy. Skrillex recently told the Daily Beast that he "did some music with Kanye" and "it's actually going to be the first song on his new album." The Skrillex collabo isn't listed as the first song on the leaked image, but hey, someone could have Photoshopped this whole thing. Thanks, Internet!